• Daniel Rhodes

Realizations #1

Today I realized that my mind is like a little child.

I just finished a mindfulness meditation (with Sam Harris's WakingUp App), and at the end of the meditation he said, "Okay, now stop trying to meditate. Stop trying to be mindful. Stop trying to be present. Allow your body and your mind to do what they want and just pay attention to what happens."

And what happened is that my mind didn't go in one direction. I didn't begin to think about that one task I wanted to accomplish or that one issue I was worried about. No, my mind went in a hundred directions at once. As soon as I stopped focusing my attention and let it revert back to its ordinary patterns, dozens of thoughts, feelings, memories ideas, emotions, and so on all began to cycle through my mental awareness without any distinguishable order or purpose.

Far from being the ordered, rational system that I believed it to be, my mind turned out to be like a little child running around, knocking things over, and scribbling on the walls of my mind.

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