• Daniel Rhodes

Realization #6

Today I realized that it's much easier to create new experiences, than to replicate old ones.

Like most people, I have a natural fear of the unknown. And that's okay. What's unknown is almost by definition unpredictable, risky, and strange. By comparison, what's known is familiar, comfortable, and safe.

Using this logic, I assumed that when I choose the familiar option, I'm also choosing the easy option. But the opposite turns out to be true. It's actually very, very difficult to re-create and then maintain a 'familiar' experience. And, inversely, once I've conquered or accepted my fear of the unknown, unfamiliar experiences are abundantly and seamlessly available.

Travel is a perfect example. If I want to go on the same trip that I went on last year, I have to wait for the right season, convince the same friends to come with me, and hope that the weather, activities, and emotional moods play to my favor.

[Actually, even then, I'd be having a new experience since I'll have lost the freshness (and spontaneity!) that the trip had last year.]

A new trip, though, is as simple as booking a flight to anywhere!

Of course, there's a balance to be found between newness and oldness, spontaneity and planning, the unknown and the familiar. But -- here's the crucial point -- it takes lots of energy to hold onto old experiences, old perspectives, old habits, old beliefs, and old expectations.

So why not let go a little, and see what happens?

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