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I catalogue my month-long solo expedition through India in the summer of 2013. Along the way, I encounter innocent love and laughing gurus.

Image by Sander Crombach


I've been back from India for about month now, and am feeling more conflicted than ever. So, following the usual tradition of confused Jewish college students, I head to the Holy Land.



I travel to Southeast Asia with my friend Dovi in the final weeks of summer (2018). We explore friendship, happiness, and the leap of faith.

Image by Mathew Schwartz


In part two of my trip to Southeast Asia with Dovi we explores the paradoxical mayhem and serenity of Bangkok and Koh Samui.

Image by Charlie Costello

india #2.

I return to Southern India, this time to escape the bustle of life, work, and school in Luxembourg. Searching for some quiet inspiration, I head to the beaches of Goa.

Image by Danika Perkinson


I am writing this from the lobby of a small hotel in downtown Fairbanks. It’s just after 4 am, but I’m awake from jet-lag and the tireless Alaskan sunshine which never quite sets.

Image by Xavier  Coiffic


My train left Como this morning, speeding south on its way to Perugia. I transferred in Milan and again in Florence, but chose to stay on the train, preferring the quiet solitude of a small town over the bustling cities.

Image by Mike Nahlii


Valletta is a gigantic peninsula-shaped stone that juts out into the bay. It almost has the feel of walking the length of a massive ship, albeit one lined with handsome British tea houses, Italian cafes, and roman ruins.

Image by Rock Staar


Lisa, Paula, and I are in Jamaica for 10 days. They flew in separately from Germany and I from NY. Time moves slowly here. Things take time. A lot of time. 

Image by AJ Robbie

southern africa. part 1.

A thirty-day overland trip through southern Africa. Part 1 includes South Africa,

Botswana, and Zambia.


southern africa. part 2.

A thirty-day overland trip through southern Africa. Part 2 includes Malawi,

Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

Image by Theodor Lundqvist


Twenty days take me to lakeside
Pokhara, majestic Annapurna,
and divine Kathmandu.

Image by Annie Spratt

yunnan, china.

Three weeks meandering around south-west China. Buddhist temples, shamanic dreams, plastic idols, and the Red Empire.

Image by Ross Parmly

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